Job Opportunity

Finishing Operator

    TJ Aerospace is a growing Aerospace manufacturing company specializing in milling/fabricating small to large high precision-machined and tight tolerance parts in Garden Grove, California.

    Job Summary

    The Finishing Operator may rotate through the following areas of work: assembly, deburring, polishing, washing, tumbling and other finishing activities. Will set up and operate manual pneumatic, electric, or hand tools to provide a cosmetically acceptable and quality product to the customer per print and process requirements.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    The primary duties and responsibilities of the Finishing Operator consist of but are not limited to:

    • Polish parts manually/robotically specific to process
    • Wash parts specific to process
    • Tumble parts specific to process
    • Bead/Micro blast parts specific to process
    • Hone parts specific to process
    • Assemble parts specific to process
    • Deburr parts specific to process
    • Feed and load parts into Robot
    • Accurate and competent use of all inspection equipment related to job inspection requirements such as micrometers, air gauging, optical comparator, refractometer, calipers, go and no-go gauges, thread gauges and plug/pin gauges
    • Continuous use of hands in fine motor manipulation
    • Lifting requirements: up to a maximum of 55 lbs
    • Prolonged standing, walking, and/or sitting at work station (10 hours plus extended work hours as needed)
    • Prolonged static neck flexion while deburring parts
    • Prolonged use of microscope (10 hours plus extended work hours as needed)
    • Frequent use of foot controls with deburring devices
    • Frequent wrist deviation when using buffing equipment
    • Must be able to meet customer demand requirements for performing visual inspection and/or other product acceptance activities with or without accommodation
    • Exhibit a working knowledge of health and safety, responsible for safety awareness, while upholding and improving the culture of safety within the organization. Identify opportunities for improvement and take action if appropriate, before a problem occurs. Report potential hazards, unsafe working conditions, unsafe equipment, unsafe acts, and injuries immediately
    • Other tasks assigned


    • Minimum Requirements – High School diploma or equivalent
    • Technical degree in a related field preferred
    • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a manufacturing environment in relation to machine trades with secondary operations and assembly experience preferred


    • Prompt and accurate communication of throughput and quality to appropriate managers
    • Mentor/coach new employees in the department


    • The Finishing Operator is responsible for providing clean, cosmetically, assembled products to our customer per print and process requirements
    • Responsible for accurate data entry in all software systems
    • Guarantee part cleanliness and quality
    • Maintain accurate inventory levels within department and support traceability requirements through material issues
    • Maintain a clean and safe workplace


    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Strong sense of urgency
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Must be able to work well both independently and in a team environment
    • Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Ability to navigate various computer systems
    • Strong mechanical aptitude
    • Able to interpret blueprints at a basic level, use simple math to perform basic calculations, and use basic hand-held measuring tools
    • Background in Lean manufacturing principles is a plus

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