About Us

About Us

We are a top-tier manufacturing partner with over 25 years of experience.
Who We Are

We infuse a higher sense of excellence and care into each project we complete.

TJ Aerospace is a smart and lean CNC machine shop proudly serving the aerospace, medical, defense and commercial sectors. Our team is comprised of a number of passionate, experienced individuals who possess the talent and resources necessary to bring about complex, high precision, tight tolerance machined parts and sub-assembly for each of our clients.

We are supported by a philosophy of care and dedication that upholds this work. The extended backgrounds that we have give us the ability to properly assess the characteristics of our client’s project and quickly develop a calculated solution that is backed by complex specifications and procedures. We go out of our way to completely exceed the expectations set by our clients.

TJ Aerospace Shipping Department

Striving for operational excellence.

We strive to push the boundaries of the work we do in order to suspend ourselves above our competitors when it comes to price, efficiency and overall quality of services. Our company works hard to accomplish this goal by putting forth our best effort with a focus on optimized outcomes.


Our Policy

Each decision we make, each project we undertake and each action that we make as a whole all contribute to our general policy of producing exceptional results that exceed all of our client’s expectations.

We include all aspects of our company in the process required to assure the quality of our services and implement effective systems that further these principles in the long run.  Along with this, we infuse a great passion for ensuring the safety of our employees and running a consistently secure workplace that we can each feel comfortable in.

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Innovation as an engine.

Our focus on maintaining a mindset fueled by innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors. We expand our abilities by going outside of the norm and developing advanced solutions that truly have a significant impact.

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Smart and Lean Manufacturing Shop Core Values


Without innovation, the aerospace industry would be practically nonexistent. Our ability to transform frustrating obstacles into exciting new solutions is what inspires us every day to think outside of the box to develop new ways of viewing our world. We make use of our knowledge and resources to bring about continuous change to our industry.


The foundation of all of our operations is based around a passion for achieving ultimate client satisfaction by providing our clients with something that we can truly take pride in. We focus on the needs of those that we work with in order to tailor our services around what they desire in regards to the end result.


No mind can accomplish greatness all on its own.  This is a belief that we hold true at our company which is why we are so dependent on collaboration. We have established a corporate culture that places great value in teamwork when it comes to going about the projects we have been tasked with.  Our team works closely with one another to make the most of each of their individual strengths and create something of higher quality as a result.


We focus on ensuring integrity and transparency with all of our client interactions.  We believe that our clients should always be completely informed and have a sense of clarity that establishes a genuine relationship between us and them that enables us to provide them with an end result that is on par with their initial vision.