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TJ Aerospace Lean Manufacturing Shop
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A Smart and Lean CNC Manufacturing Company

TJ Aerospace is a premium CNC manufacturing job shop specializing in the production of high accuracy, complex and tight tolerance machined parts tailored to your needs. We specialize in advanced solutions that come in the form of fully functional machined parts and sub-assembly of the highest caliber. We operate in a manner that is supported in an unwavering commitment to quality that is held up by a dynamic team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to the efficiency of this vital industry.

What We Do

Lead in Top-Tier Production Manufacturing

TJ Aerospace has years of experience as a do it all machine shop which has given us the opportunity to develop an immaculate set of skills ranging from innovative engineering to precise manufacturing. These skills enable us to offer a distinct quality of service that elevates us to an exceptional level of industry standards.

TJ Aerospace Top-Tier Production Manufacturing
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TJ Aerospace’s Commitment

We are truly committed to the industry that we work within. For us, this is so much more than just a job but rather an exciting opportunity to utilize our own abilities to transform the business world and leave a lasting impact.

Over the years, we have upheld this commitment by making substantial investments in the advancement of pivotal technologies that have enhanced procedures such as cutting and CNC machining. TJ Aerospace goes beyond this to further our efforts even more.

A distinct difference that can be found with us relates to our implementation of an official project manager for each assignment who becomes an effective point of contact for the client.  This unique system provides our clients with a direct ability to stay in contact with our team and maintain clarity. 

We recognize that when it comes to the work we do, there is no margin for error whatsoever.  Each part that we produce is a high-quality solution that has been designed to become an integral aspect of our client’s operations with no hassle or error.

With our years of expertise and state of the art resources, TJ Aerospace has established ourselves as a reputable business that can assist in achieving our client’s goals with ease. 

We are passionate about bringing about outstanding final products that are able to work well even when dealing with the extreme conditions brought about by usual aerospace processes.

Please contact TJ Aerospace to discuss more about your project and we would be delighted to assist.