Job Opportunity

Automation Engineer

    TJ Aerospace is a growing Aerospace manufacturing company specializing in milling/fabricating small to large high precision-machined and tight tolerance parts in Garden Grove, California.

    Job Summary

    The Automation Engineer is primarily responsible to oversee and support operations with automated manufacturing and inspection systems related to equipment, validation, programming, implementation, and continuous improvement. This position will promote the streamlining of processes to make it as efficient as possible while still maintaining quality and adhering to procedures and regulations. The Automation Engineer will be involved in planning detailed design specifications, programming, testing, implementation, monitoring of automation processes and documentation.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    The primary duties and responsibilities of the Automation Engineer consist of but are not limited to:

    • Identify opportunities for automation within the manufacturing process
    • Evaluate, create, design, develop and implement new automation equipment or processes, which may include testing of materials, preparation of specifications and operator instructions, process studies, investigations, root cause analysis, problem-solving and report or presentation preparation
    • Perform simulation and testing of processes and equipment to ensure they function as required
    • Develop system design concepts and assist with the development of proposals
    • Document new concepts, testing outcomes, and ongoing efficiencies
    • Program and test drives, software and end devices
    • Develop and maintain clear and accurate documentation of automation equipment and/or processes
    • Provide technical support in identifying and drive continuous improvements to manufacturing operations and implementing new technologies, researching current and emerging technologies and evaluating process quality, cost, capacity and capability alternatives
    • Effectively train on the use of equipment, fixtures, and processes, typically after implementation of new processes or equipment, or when making changes to existing
    • Troubleshoot automated processes or equipment when errors occur
    • Organize and lead projects including proposal, design, regulatory submittal, installation, commissioning, post-installation support
    • Improve manufacturing efficiencies by working closely with production staff and developing processes to increase productivity
    • Support and maintain current automation systems in support of manufacturing operations
    • Specifies equipment, tooling, and fixtures for new processes and process changes. Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning workflow, space requirements, and equipment layout
    • Exhibit a working knowledge of health and safety, responsible for safety awareness, while upholding and improving the culture of safety within the organization. Identify opportunities for improvement and take action if appropriate, before a problem occurs. Report potential hazards, unsafe working conditions, unsafe equipment, unsafe acts, and injuries immediately
    • Other tasks as assigned


    • High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Undergraduate degree in electrical/mechanical/manufacturing engineering, automation and control systems or a related field with a
    • 2 years + experience preferred
    • Experience with CAD/CAM systems utilizing solid modeling
    • Proficient PC skills in a Windows environment

    Skills & Behavioral Attributes:

    • Able to work on multiple projects with accuracy
    • Highly detailed
    • Excellent problem-solving skills
    • Demonstrated creative thinking skills
    • Excellent manual dexterity
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Flexibility to adapt and keep up with the latest technologies
    • Demonstrated effective interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Experience in the machining industry, job shop machining preferred
    • Experience developing CNC programs and/or machining process plans
    • Strong understanding of computer programming and software development
    • Strong understanding of machining techniques and processes
    • Strong understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic power
    • Understanding of multiple manufacturing processes as well as a variety of materials
    • Proficient in the application of GD&T and related inspection methodology
    • Experience with special processes (e.g. plating, welding, heat treat, etc.)
    • Knowledge and/or experience in the design and selection of fixturing and tooling for complex parts
    • Strong CAD skills
    • Ability to perform engineering calculations related to machining
    • Experience with ERP systems
    • Experience with ISO quality systems and World Class Manufacturing principles

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