Job Opportunity

Applications Engineer

    TJ Aerospace is a growing Aerospace manufacturing company specializing in milling/fabricating small to large high precision-machined and tight tolerance parts in Garden Grove, California.

    Job Summary

    The Applications Engineer is responsible to participate in various manufacturing engineering assignments of a broad and complex nature.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    The primary duties and responsibilities of the Applications Engineer consist of but are not limited to:

    • Stays current on latest industry tools/equipment/methodologies
    • Review and assist in the design of manufacturing processes to ensure maximum efficiency and output
    • Provides assistance to departmental teams to ensure quick resolution to production problems
    • Participates in or conducts meetings or conferences on the development of machining processes
    • Collaborate with engineering to modify processes by which products/deliverables are manufactured or assembled and assesses type of equipment used to improve safety, quality, and productivity
    • Continuously evaluates, implements and monitors processes and operating systems
    • Troubleshoot problems with production and engineering and assists in taking corrective action
    • Monitor and improve the safety, efficiency, and output of manufacturing processes through observations and measurements as well as by collecting and interpreting data from other technical and operating personnel
    • Provide and/or recommend training for employees in area of expertise. (I.E., C.I./ 5S/Setup reduction/Lean/Practical Problem Solving/application of cutting tools, work holding methods, etc.)
    • Must be able to meet customer demand requirements for performing visual inspection and/or other product acceptance activities with or without accommodation
    • Exhibit a working knowledge of health and safety, responsible for safety awareness, while upholding and improving the culture of safety within the organization.  Identify opportunities for improvement and take action if appropriate, before a problem occurs.  Report potential hazards, unsafe working conditions, unsafe equipment, unsafe acts, and injuries immediately
    • Other tasks as assigned


    • Minimum Requirements – High school diploma or equivalent
    • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or related field preferred
    • 5+ years of manufacturing and engineering experience


    • Operational decision-making to fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization and the Engineering department
    • Makes decisions at the manufacturing level using multiple inputs and resources
    • Is the subject matter expert (SME) in area of expertise


    • Determine operations to produce products and develops processes to ensure quality, cost and efficiency requirements are met
    • Ensure that the combined use of CNC programs, equipment, and tools are being used efficiently
    • Provides input into the purchase of new equipment and makes recommendations for upgrades to existing equipment
    • Assist with employee placement on equipment when necessary
    • Provides organization and structure to area of expertise
    • Recommends and provides training for employees in area of expertise
    • Provides input on employee performance to area manager

    Skills & Behavioral Attributes

    • Embodies the personal commitment to the shared core values of TJ Aerospace
    • Ability to express ideas, share information, listen actively and demonstrate professionalism in written and verbal communications
    • Adheres to TJ Aerospace's Quality Standards
    • Ensure all internal and external customers receive positive service experiences
    • Promotes a sense of urgency to expedite work though area
    • Able to make effective and timely decisions
    • Exceptional problem solving abilities: Identifies and analyzes problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions; provides solutions to individual and organizational problems
    • Decisiveness: Able to make effective and timely decisions
    • Able to work on multiple projects while maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy
    • Detail-oriented
    • Plans, prioritizes, and organizes work effectively
    • Self- motivated
    • Meets deadlines with minimal supervision
    • Ability to react quickly to changing requirements and new processing developments and techniques
    • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
    • Proficient in using Microsoft Office applications
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